Omg 2 vs Gadar 2 : Public Shocking reaction !!!


Today, on August 11th, two explosive movies, OMG 2 vs Gadar 2, have hit the box office. Both films boast significant star casts. On one side, there’s Akshay Kumar’s movie, in which he is portraying the role of Lord Shiva, and on the other side, Sunny Deol, who is once again depicting the character of “Tara Singh,” is shown creating turmoil in Pakistan.

OMG 2 Star Cast

Movie NameOMG 2
GenreSatirical comedy-drama
StarringAkshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, Arun Govil, Govind Namdev
Directed byAmit Rai
CinematographyAmalendu Chaudhary
Release date11 August 2023 (Released today)
Film IndustryBollywood

OMG 2 Trailer

OMG 2 review

This movie is about a strange video of a kid doing something unusual in the school restroom. The video becomes really famous, and because of it, the kid gets kicked out of school. This makes the kid feel really bad about himself, and his dad gets super angry with him. Even their neighbors who think they’re always right stop talking to them.

What Happens in the Movie

The dad of the kid follows Lord Shiva a lot and decides that they should leave the town they live in. But just before they’re about to leave on a train to a place called Saharanpur, a person who represents Lord Shiva appears. This person sees something magical, and because of that, he changes his mind. He decides to stay back and fight for what’s right.

The Dad’s Fight

This guy named Kanti Sharan Mudgal, played by Pankaj Tripathi, takes the school to court. He wants the school to take back the unfair decision of kicking his son out. He thinks that schools should teach about our bodies and feelings properly so kids don’t get confused.

The Main Idea of the Movie

So, that’s what ‘OMG 2’ is all about. It’s like a story that happens in a courtroom and talks about important things. But sometimes, the story gets a bit too complicated, and that doesn’t look good.

The Special Part

Akshay Kumar plays a cool character in the movie, kind of like a messenger from God. His character makes the movie exciting, and having him in the movie makes more people want to watch it. But, to be honest, I didn’t really understand why the dad and his son needed God’s help in their regular problems.

Mixing Fun and Seriousness

In the movie, there’s this funny part where the godly messenger is always with a colorful bull, kind of like a magical creature. The messenger tells people some good things, but then he also likes driving fast cars like a crazy driver. It’s funny to watch, but sometimes the story doesn’t make sense.

The Ending and What We Think

Towards the end of the movie, there’s a part where something really cool happens. But then the movie ends in a simple way, not like a big finish. Even though the movie tries to be exciting, it doesn’t always keep you excited till the end.

Gadar 2 Star Cast

MovieGadar 2
GenrePeriod action drama
StarringSunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Manish Wadhwa, Gaurav Chopra
CinematographyNajeeb Khan
Release date11 August 2023 ( Released Today)

Gadar 2 Trailer

Gadar 2 Review

The Exciting Past of ‘Gadar’

Back in the year 2000, there was a super exciting movie called ‘Gadar,’ which had Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel. It made a big impact, and people still love its stories. Director Anil Sharma’s movie was so popular that people even filled up tractors to go to the cinema! Now, after 23 years, Anil Sharma is back with a new part of the story called ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha.’ It continues the story of Tara Singh and Sakina. Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel are the main stars again, and they’re back on the big screen.

A Journey Back in Time

The story takes us to the year 1971 in Lahore. It’s about Tara Singh, who goes alone to Pakistan to fight for his love. A long time ago, people really liked this story. Now, we get to see it all over again on the screen. We learn about the challenges Tara Singh faces and how he fights for the person he loves.

A New Beginning

In this new part of the story, Tara Singh and Sakina live in Pathankot with their son Jeet. Jeet looks up to his dad and wants to do something great, not just drive trucks like his dad. On the other side, there’s Major Hamid, a Pakistani officer who doesn’t like Tara Singh at all and wants to hurt him. Things get really interesting when Jeet gets stuck in Pakistan.

Dad’s Mission

Tara Singh, who once saved Sakina, now has a new mission to save his son Jeet. We see how Tara Singh faces all sorts of challenges and risks to bring Jeet back. The movie shows us how much a dad can do to keep his family safe and happy.

The Story Unfolds

The film takes us on a journey with Tara Singh as he faces lots of twists and turns. We get to see how he overcomes all the problems and meets his son again. It’s a story about love, bravery, and doing anything for the people we care about.

So, ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ comes back with a new and exciting story. Can the magic of Tara Singh and Sakina’s story make us love it all over again, even after so many years? We’ll have to watch the movie to find out!

Public Reaction on OMG 2 vs Gadar 2

As the two highly anticipated films clashed at the box office, the public’s reaction has been keenly observed. “OMG 2” found itself trailing behind “Gadar 2” in terms of advance bookings. While “Gadar 2” took audiences by storm, “OMG 2” faced a bit of a challenge in this head-to-head competition.

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