Best 100+ Marathi Surname List | मराठी आडनावांची यादी

Best 100+ Marathi Surname List

We have compiled top 100+ Marathi Surname List with their Hindi pronunciation, examples, and meanings. If you want to know about Marathi surname pronunciation or meaning, you can easily check it in the table provided in this article.

What is Marathi Surname List ?

A Marathi surname list is like a friendly storyteller sharing tales about family names in the Marathi community. It’s like a special book that tells us stories about our culture and history. This list helps us know more about our roots, like where our families come from and the interesting things our ancestors did. It’s like a guide that connects us to our past, making us feel a part of something special. The list is not just names; it’s like finding clues about our family adventures. So, it’s a cool way to learn and celebrate the different stories that make up Marathi culture.

Why we need Marathi Surname List ?

A Marathi surname list is like a friendly guidebook introducing us to the diverse family names within the Marathi-speaking community. It’s a treasure trove of cultural history, connecting us to our roots and helping us discover our family stories. Just like a family album, it holds the keys to our past, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Whether you’re curious about your ancestors, eager to learn about different traditions, or simply interested in the beautiful tapestry of Marathi culture, this list is your companion on a journey of understanding and appreciation for the unique identities woven into each surname.

100+ Marathi Surname List

Sr. No.Marathi Surname ListHindi PronunciationExample of NameMeaning
1DeshmukhदेशमुखAryan DeshmukhChief of the region.
2PawarपवारAnanya PawarOne who guards or protects.
3PatilपाटिलRohit PatilVillage headman or officer.
4JadhavजाधवSneha JadhavDescendant of Yadu, a legendary king.
5BhosaleभोसाळेAditya BhosaleDescendant of Bhosale, a warrior clan.
6Chavanचव्हाणPooja ChavanSomeone who commands or leads.
7ShindeशिंदेAjay ShindeLion, symbolizing courage.
8MoreमोरेNisha MorePeacock, representing beauty.
9KadamकदमAkshay KadamTree, symbolizing strength and growth.
10SalunkheसालुंखेSnehal SalunkheNoble or virtuous.
11GaikwadगायकवाडRitu GaikwadOne who takes care of cows.
12SonawaneसोनावणेAniket SonawaneGoldsmith or jeweler.
13ManeमानेPreeti ManeResidence or house.
14MahadikमहाडीकSameer MahadikCourageous or brave.
15JagtapजगतापAishwarya JagtapConqueror of the world.
16LandgeलांडगेSwapnil LandgeSomeone with a long or tall stature.
17WaghवाघAditya WaghTiger, symbolizing strength and power.
18GadeगडेNeha GadeFort or stronghold.
19ShirsatशिरसाटSuresh ShirsatLion’s head, representing bravery.
20DalviदळवीAnuja DalviBelonging to the sea or ocean.
21ShitoleशितोळेSandeep ShitoleSomeone who is clean or pure.
22ChaudhariचौधरीRenuka ChaudhariVillage headman or officer.
23ThakurठाकुरAbhishek ThakurNoble or lordly.
24DhumalधुमाळSnehal DhumalFog or mist, suggesting mystery.
25GawadeगावडेSachin GawadeSomeone from a village or hamlet.
26KharadeखारडेAmruta KharadeOne who resides near a pond.
27DesaiदेसाईAshwin DesaiVillage headman or officer.
28BhandareभंडारेRamesh BhandareTreasurer or keeper of goods.
29ChorageचोरगेSmita ChorageDescendant of Charu, meaning beautiful.
30GhadgeघाडगेAkash GhadgeSomeone with a pot or container.
31ShelkeशेळकेPradnya ShelkeSomeone who belongs to a shelter or protection.
32KoliकोळीSachin KoliFisher or someone living near the water.
33GhorpadeघोरपाडेPriyanka GhorpadeDescendant of the horse-keeper.
34TambeतांबेSwapna TambeCopper, indicating a metalworker.
35DangeडांगेAmol DangeBattle or war, suggesting a warrior.
36RathodराठोडShubham RathodDescendant of a charioteer.
37KankकांकDeepak KankGoldsmith or jeweler.
38PharandeफारंदेVaishali PharandeA beautiful or attractive person.
39KhireखिरेRenuka KhireOne who likes to be pure or clean.
40NerkarनेरकरAniket NerkarSomeone associated with coconuts.
41DamleडामलेGaurav DamleOne who plays the damru (a small drum).
42KelkarकेळकरSneha KelkarOne who hails from Kel, a place name.
43KaduकडूAniket KaduSomeone associated with forests or woods.
44GogateगोगटेSonal GogateOne who resides near a cowshed.
45DahanukarदहाणुकरSameer DahanukarOne who hails from Dahanu.
46PalkarपाळकरSneha PalkarOne who hails from Pal, a place name.
47Kattiकट्टीVijay KattiSkilled or talented person.
48WaniवाणीAnjali WaniOrator or speaker.
49GodseगोडसेRavi GodseDescendant of Gode, meaning fragrant.
50SarwateसारवटेSnehal SarwateDescendant of Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.
51KeluskarकेळुसकरKalyani KeluskarOne who hails from Kel, a place name.
52Gupteगुप्तेNeeraj GupteSecretive or mysterious person.
53MulgaonkarमुळगावकरManoj MulgaonkarOne who hails from Mulgaon, a place name.
54Kulkarniकुलकर्णीAnjali KulkarniVillage accountant or scribe.
55KedariकेदारीTanvi KedariOne who worships Lord Shiva.
56PoteपोटेPrasad PoteDescendant of a poet or learned person.
57SardesaiसरदेसाईRenuka SardesaiOne who hails from Sardar Wadi, a place name.
58BhagwatभगवतVrushali BhagwatDevotee of Lord Vishnu.
59SatheसाठेAjit SatheCompanion or associate.
60ThigaleठिगलेAishwarya ThigaleOne who hails from Thiga, a place name.
61Vaidyaवैद्यAnanya VaidyaPhysician or doctor.
62ParanjapeपरांजपेSiddharth ParanjapeDescendant of Paranjape, meaning clever or witty.
63Chitreचित्रेKirti ChitreArtist or painter.
64PanseपानसेRishi PanseDescendant of Pansa, meaning praise.
65BapatबापटPreeti BapatPriest or religious scholar.
66PantपंतVishal PantScholar or learned person.
67KunteकुंटेVaishnavi KunteDescendant of Kunti, a legendary figure.
68ApteआपटेAditya ApteSkilled or talented person.
69MavlankarमावळंकरNeha MavlankarOne who hails from Maval, a place name.
70Karveकर्वेGaurav KarveSkilled or talented person.
71LalलालRenuka LalRed, indicating a person with a fair complexion.
72BhaveभावेSiddharth BhaveEmotional or expressive person.
73NerurkarनेरुरकरTejas NerurkarOne who hails from Nerur, a place name.
74HingoraniहिंगोरानीRaj HingoraniOne who hails from Hingor, a place name.
75Barveबर्वेKalyani BarveCourageous or brave person.
76JoshiजोशीAditi JoshiAstrologer or priest.
77GhateघाटेVivek GhateDescendant of Ghata, meaning pot or vessel.
78NeneनेणेAmruta NeneOne who is capable or competent.
79PendseपेंडसेSachin PendseDescendant of a scholar or learned person.
80GirmeगिरमेNikita GirmeDescendant of Gir, a place name.
81SomanसोमनAlok SomanHandsome or beautiful person.
82Patwardhanपटवर्धनNeha PatwardhanOne who enhances the reputation.
83RegeरेगेSiddharth RegeMusician or singer.
84DatarदातारNandita DatarDonor or charitable person.
85KakadeकाकडेAnjali KakadeDescendant of Kakad, meaning crow.
86BhalekarभाळेकरSachin BhalekarOne who hails from Bhala, a place name.
87Dharmadhikariधर्माधिकारीRaj DharmadhikariUpholder of justice or righteousness.
88SawantसावंतAarav SawantRuler or leader.
89BhideभिडेNeha BhideCourageous or bold person.
90KamatकामतAryan KamatAdministrator or manager.
91TalekarतालेकरAditi TalekarDescendant of Tale, meaning rhythm or beat.
92MaratheमराठेVikas MaratheOne who hails from Maharashtra.
93LakheलाखेAnaya LakheDescendant of Lakh, meaning one hundred thousand.
94AcharekarअचारेकरSneha AcharekarOne who hails from Achare, a place name.
95GokhaleगोखलेArnav GokhaleOne who hails from Gokul, a place name.
96Padhyeपाध्येSanya PadhyeDescendant of a scholar or learned person.
97MangeshkarमंगेशकरLata MangeshkarKnown for the best performer
98MalusareमालुसरेTanha Ji MalusareThey are known as a warrior
99WaghmareवाघमारेKavya WaghmareTiger killer
100Mhatreम्हात्रेRohan MhatreGreat
101ParabपरबAishwarya ParabSupreme

Marathi Surname Description

Marathi surnames are like little stories that tell us about families and their history. In Maharashtra, where people speak Marathi, last names are more than just family names – they show what people did, where they came from, or who their ancestors were.

Marathi Surname Example

Take Deshmukh, for example. It means the leader of a region, someone important in their village or area. Then there’s Pawar, which means protector, like a guardian looking out for others. Jadhav tells us about a family’s connection to the ancient Yadu lineage, full of brave and strong people.

Surnames like Sawant mean ruler or leader, and Shinde is like a nickname for someone brave, just like a tiger. Tambe is a cool name for coppersmiths, those folks who work with metals and create amazing things. And Parab is all about being supreme and special.

We also have names like Naik, a chief or leader, and Mistry, someone skilled at work. Lokhande is about people who work with iron, and Nalawade is linked to settlements – places where people live and create communities.

Some surnames carry the spirit of warriors, like Malusare, while others, like Ghadge, remind us of potters who shape clay into useful items. Waghmare combines ‘wagh’ (tiger) and ‘mare’ (killer), telling us about someone strong and powerful.

Marathi surnames also show positive qualities. Dhuri means cheerful, and Mhatre is about being great. Shelke is a cool name for sculptors, and Utekar is for people who aim high and dream big.

Famous Personalities with Marathi Surname List

  1. Lata Mangeshkar
  2. Sachin Tendulkar
  3. Dadasaheb Phalke
  4. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  5. P. L. Deshpande
  6. Pu La Deshpande
  7. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
  8. Bhimsen Joshi
  9. Jyotirao Phule
  10. Sane Guruji
  11. Baba Amte
  12. Nana Patekar
  13. Vijay Tendulkar
  14. Madhuri Dixit
  15. Sudha Murthy
  16. Pankaj Kapur
  17. Shreeram Lagoo
  18. Raghunath Mashelkar
  19. Nana Chudasama
  20. Mangesh Kulkarni

Note: If you don’t find your surname in this list. Comment down below and we will update this list with that surname.

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